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Chapter one: The Reunion 

'Twas the night before Christmas, a blue hedgehog, known famously for his heroism and speed, was standing before an enormous tree; beautifully decorated with different colored lights flashing brightly, little ornaments that reflected the lights making the tree shine brighter itself, and the presents scattered all over the bottom. 
The hedgehog examined the tree, "Something's missing..." He thought to himself as he fidgeted around with his red scarf around his neck.
"Merry Christmas, Sonic!" Called out a friendly familiar voice.
Sonic turned around to see his young vulpine friend, Tails, walking towards him with a smile plastered on his face and carrying a purple present with a blue bow on top. 
"Right back at 'ya little buddy." Sonic said rubbing Tail's hair. "Glad you make it, Tails. I know how busy you've been lately, but you need to get out of that workshop of yours and get some air." 
Tails shook his head to fix his scruffy hair and laughed, "Not my fault I'm making the best present ever for a friend and you know I would never miss a holiday without spending time with the family." He finished walking towards the tree, placing the present underneath it, and returning back to Sonic.
Sonic grinned at the idea, "family." Yes they were a family. Knuckles with his feisty attitude, Cream and Tails with their kindness that kept the group from falling apart, Amy with her clinginess, and even Shadow, although he doesn't consider it or thought about it. "Do you think the others will come?" He asked, coming out of his thoughts.
"Of course they will! Having a Christmas party in the woods is a great idea, Sonic." He complemented, "We're far away from everything that was keeping us busy and away from each other. I'm glad you thought about it." He finished looking around his surroundings. They were surrounded by trees, but they stood in an open and clear area, if it weren't for the tree and stars, everything would have been pitch black. There was a table filled with food, it might be cold, but it's still food, and there was a radio playing those cheesy holiday music. "You thought of everything, didn't you?" He finished.
Sonic smirked, "Of course I did. I'm the perfect party planner... Although there's something missing in the tree." He said pointing at it.
"Looks ok to me, what could be missing?" asked Tails looking at his direction. 
Sonic fidgeted again with his red scarf, while Tails buttoned his brown jacket, "I don't know... I can't seem to figure it out." he thought a little longer, "Oh! I got it! I forgot about the-" 
"Sonic!" a high and energetic voice interrupted him.
The blue hedgehog jumped knowing the voice and braced for impact. "Hey Amy..." 
Amy jumped from the darkness of the trees and ran to the scared blue hedgehog, "I missed you so much, sweetie!" She said wrapping Sonic in her arms, squeezing him tightly.
"Can't believe I'm saying this," Sonic mumbled, "but, I missed you, too." he said looking at her with a smile.
Amy's eyes glittered, "Aww you did? Well that's ok, you can stop day dreaming about me, I'm here now."
"Yeah..." Sonic's eyes darted from Amy to Tails, signaling him to help him.
Tails nodded and laughed, "Hi Amy." 
"Hey Tails, nice seeing you again. Blah, blah, blah anyways...." Amy said dropping her arms then doing full turn, "What do you think of my new outfit, Sonic?" 
Sonic looked at her clothes, she wore a pink dress that went just above her knees and had a hanging turtle neck, underneath the dress she had black tights that covered her legs, black boots with 2 silver rings on the sides, and a black scarf around her neck. "You look... pretty." he said flinching knowing that she was going to jump on him for the comment.
"I knew you'd like it!" she said jumping up and down, then hugging him again. 
"Merry Christmas, everybody!" a small and frail voice came from behind the trees. 
"Cream!" Amy shouted, releasing her grip on Sonic and ran towards the small bunny covered in layer of clothes. She had a yellow jacket with different colored flowers, a white knitted hat that had noodle-like strings hanging by the sides, beige tights, and white boots that had the fluffy fluff on the top.  
"Amy, it's good to finally see you again!" she shrieked as she hugged her dear friend. 
"Aw you to." Amy said returning the hug. "You too, Cheese." she added petting her Chao.
"Hey Cream." the two boys greeted from behind Amy. 
"Hello Sonic, Tails!" she said as she dropped her arms around Amy and flashed a smile at them, "It's good to see you guys too."
"Same goes to you, Cream." replied Tails as he embraced her. 
"Who else is missing?" Sonic asked looking everyone. 
Tails dropped his arms and mumbled names as Amy and Cream were babbling about Amy's new outfit when finally he said, "We're missing two more people; Knuckles and Shadow! I'm not saying this to be a heart breaker or anything, but I doubt Shadow is coming." 
"Just because he's like a Scrooge person, doesn't mean that he won't show up." Sonic crossed his arms, looking over at Tails. "I mean I'm sure he has, or some," he mumbled, "Christmas spirit inside him."
"Why did you have to plan the party outside in the woods?" someone complained, "It's freezing!" 
"Knuckles!" shouted Cream as she skipped over to the sound of the voice. 
"Hey Cream, nice to see that your doing well." said the red echidna as he emerged through the woods.
"Hey dimwit!" Amy waved. 
"Hey stalker!" he back talked. 
"Hmph! Your lucky it's Christmas, otherwise I woulda hammered you." Amy threatened putting her hands to her hips. 
"Hey slowpoke, where you been all this time?" smirked Sonic. 
"Protecting the master emerald on Angel Island as always." Knuckles said shrugging. 
"You told me you had plans." Tails complained. 
"I did." replied Knuckles, folding his arms. "Sleeping." he smirked. 
"But you knew I needed your help with my machine." The vulpine whined then slapping a hand over his mouth while Amy and Cream face palmed at Tails' careless mistake and Knuckles chuckled as he shook his head. 
Sonic looked at Tails and a raised eyebrow, "You told me you were making some new adjustments to the new plane you've built." 
"I uh..." Tails began as he tangled his fingers with each other, "I was- it's just that- I needed a new machine- I mean motor! A motor is a machine ya know!" 
"...ok, I give. What's-" 
"This better be worth my time." someone said. 
"Shadow?" Amy called out. 
"Hey faker, I was beginning to think you weren't coming." Sonic smirked at him, completely forgetting about Tails. 
"Since Eggman has been hiding and there wasn't anything going on; the G.U.N commander wanted everyone to spend the holidays with their families." he finished folding his arms. 
"Spend time with the family, eh?" Knuckles chuckled. 
Shadow closed his eyes and shook his head, "I knew you were going to say something like that, but I only came here to see an old friend." 
"What old friend?" Sonic asked. 
Tails stood behind him, standing on his toes as he was mouthing the word "no" while shaking his head and putting a hand up to his neck, swishing it back and forth. 
Shadow saw his reaction and looked at Sonic.
"Yes, an old friend." he repeated.
"Who?" Sonic said, looking interested.
"Amy." he responded cooly. 
Everyone's eyes widen in shock, even Amy's, they were not expecting him, Shadow, the emotionless ultimate life-form, to say something like that.
Sonic darted from Amy and Shadow, "Really?" He looked at Amy, who went back to her normal face and nodded her head.
"I did NOT see that coming." Tails mumbled to Cream.
"Well... I guess that's good news to see that you two are getting along." Sonic said awkwardly. There was moment of silence; Tails and Cream shuffled their feet, Amy played with her hair, Knuckles kicked some snow, while Sonic fidgeted with his scarf. 
"So," Shadow broke the silence, "is this what you guys do for fun at... Parties?" 
"No... We just had a uh, a awkward moment right there, that's all." Sonic answered, then cleared his throat, "Who's ready to chug some eggnog?!" 
"I hate eggnog." Amy said folding her arms. 
"Just go with it." Sonic mumbled.
After Shadow's arrival, everyone sat around the table that was filled with (now frozen) food, and told each other what they've been doing, luckily Sonic didn't bring the whole machine motor thing. Turns out Knuckles said that he was so in the Christmas spirit that he decorated the master emerald; Sonic couldn't contain his laughter. As for Amy, she had taken a vacation to Hawaii to get a tan before the cold weather came, she even said that she had a chance to learn how to surf and that if Sonic ever wanted know, she'd be happy to be his "teacher." Cream said that she and her mother made a snowman everyday, so eventually their lawn was snowman family. Shadow and his team has been on the hunt for Eggman to see what diabolical plan he's doing, as for Sonic, he just said the 2 words that everyone expected, 'I ran.' Tails sat quietly hoping Sonic wouldn't ask what he was doing. 'Thank God.' he thought. 
After listening to the story of Sonic's trip around the world, he stood up  and cleared his throat, "Ok guys, it's exactly 30 minutes till Christmas and I think we should get started with the Secret Santa business." 
Cream giggled as she clapped her hands, Amy stood up and went over to the tree to pick up her present which was wrapped in red and green paper. "I'll go first!" she shouted. 
"Ok we're ready for you." Sonic said. 
Amy walked to the side of the table and cleared her throat, "Ok, I know what you're all think, 'oh Amy got Sonic, I bet she's gonna engage to him.' Well I thought so too that I was sure to get him, but this may shock you. I got..." Amy trailed off to eye her friends, "I got dimwit!" she said cheerfully lifting his present in the air. 
Knuckles eyes widen in shock as he got up and started towards Amy, "I did not see this coming." he laughed getting the present. 
"Hold on!" Cream interrupted and was digging into her jacket, "Let me get my camera!"
"Cheese!" Amy said looking at the camara while hugging Knuckles, who had his arm across her shoulders and was surprisingly smiling. 
"Aww! You guys look so cute!" Cream said looking at the picture and taking her seat.
"Ok Knuckles, open your present!" Amy pleaded. 
"Ok, this better not be a piko." Knuckles laughed as he tore off the paper and opened the box, "Oh... My.... God...."
"What is it?" Tails asked standing up to see the present. 
Amy giggled, "I knew you'd like it!" 
Knuckles took his eyes off the present and looked at Amy, "I don't like it." he said emotionless.
Amy's ears lowered and looked like all the happiness has been sucked from her, Sonic stood up from his seat, "ok, I kinda knew this was gonna hap-" he began but was interrupted by Knuckles, whose face lit up with joy. 
"I love it!" He said removing a pair of metal shiny gloves that had 3 sharp claws on the tip, and written in print and gold letters in the palm was his name.
"Oh, good." Amy said with a relief, "You have no idea how long it took me to make that!" 
"You made this yourself?" Knuckles asked in awe.
The pink hedgehog nodded her head, "Yup, I knew how your old claws got rusty and old so I made you a new, homemade one. It might have costed me a lot, but it was worth it to see your happy face." she said giving him a quick hug.
'Wow, I'm actually jealous.' Sonic thought watching the whole thing go down. "Ok, Knuckles your turn." he said. 
"Ok, I got Cream." He said, going towards the tree and picking a present wrapped in snowman paper. "I just know you are going love this." he said crossing his arms.
Cream giggled, "Ohh! I wonder what it is...." She trailed off, ripping the paper and opening that box, her eyes widen in shock. 
Knuckles laughed, "That's the exact face I was expecting." 
"What is it?" Amy shouted. 
"It's a... Another Chao!" She shrieked lifting a pink Chao, her eyes were bright blue, she was the size of her palm put together, and was pretty much cute as a button. "Look Cheese! You have a new friend!" she said lifting the little Chao to Cheese. 
"Aww she's adorable!" Amy said. 
"What are you gonna name her?" asked Sonic. 
Cream put a finger to her lip, "How about... Sophie?" 
"That fits her perfectly." complemented Tails. 
Cream giggled, "Thank you so much, Knuckles!" 
"No problem, Cream." he said, "So who did you get?" he asked taking his seat.
"I got... Mr. Shadow!" She squealed.
Everyone looked from to Cream to Shadow, who for once, had nothing to say. 
Cream nudged her present to him and he took it.
Shadow ripped the pink wrapping paper and stared into whatever was in the box. 
"Psst! You're suppose to show everyone what you got." Amy whispered. 
"What do you think Mr. Shadow?" Cream asked. 
The black hedgehog silently took out a picture frame from the box and ever so slightly, twitched a smile. "Cream," he began, then got down to one knee to eye the little bunny, "did you draw this?" 
Cream nodded happily, knowing already that he likes her present. 
"Well, I love it." he pulls her in for a hug, "Thank you so much." 
The bunny returned the hug and giggled, as for the rest, they were shocked to see him hugging someone else. Whatever Cream drew for him must have been very special to him, almost heart touching even. 
"What's the picture?" Knuckles called out. 
Shadow let go of Cream and stood firmly on his legs, eyeing everyone, and raised the frame showing him and the bunny holding hands as they were looking down at the world from space view from the palms of Maria's hand, who was dressed up as an angel and was looking directly at Shadow, smiling.
"Wow..." Tails sighed, "Cream, have you been taking lessons? 'Cause this looks like something a professional would've done." 
The bunny giggled again as she shook her head, "Nope, I've had lots of help from my mother and probably from an artist."
"And it's beautiful, thank you again Cream." 
"Your welcome, Mr. Shadow." She said smiling and skipped back to her seat. 
"Now," the ebony hedgehog sighed, "I got Amy Rose." 
The pink haired hedgehog jumped right of her seat and smiled, "Yay! I was beginning to think that you guys didn't put my name in the whole Secret Santa thing!" 
"We were having second thoughts." Sonic joked. 
"Haha, very funny." Amy rolled her eyes in response and opened her arms to receive her present from her Secret Santa, but was only grasping was air. "Uh, Shadow? Where's my present?" 
"This might seem a little rude, but I honestly had no idea what to give you."  Shadow replied.
Amy's ear slowly lowered to her head and opened her mouth to speak, but before a word was out, Shadow quickly added, "Which is why I'm asking you what you always wanted in life and I promise to give it to you, no matter what the cost." 
"Shadow..." Amy said in awe, "That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." She finished and took 2 steps to put her arms around his neck for a friendly hug. 
The black hedgehog was dumbfounded, but returned the hug, "I thought you were going to take this bad." 
"I'm actually happy though! I have everything in life; a home and friends who love me. What I really loved is that you didn't stutter that was going to make me think that you didn't even TRY to get me something." 
"You're not upset?" 
"Nope," Amy shook her head and pulled away from the hug to look at Shadow, "Your hug can be my present." 
Shadow chuckled, "Well then, that was the easiest present ever."
"But don't get all relieved because it'll only work for today, not for my birthday." she winked. 
"I promise to get you something then." Shadow smirked and returned to his seat.
"Now," Amy cleared her throat, "everyone has been called except..." She trailed off to look at the two beat friends standing next by each other. 
Sonic chuckled as they both stood up to the front of the table, "Ok, well the secret's out and so is yours little buddy." he began, "Tails, my present to you is kinda big, so we may have to back up." he said putting one hand on his shoulder and backing the two of them up. "Ok! Bring her in!" Sonic waved to the sky. 
Suddenly a gust of wind spewed in, making Cream shriek and cover both her Chaos while Amy put her hands on her dress, so it wouldn't go flying up. Tails put his arms out to shield himself from the leaves and snow flying in the air, Sonic jut stood there, smiling as if he were the king of the world. 
"Did you get me a tornado or something?!" Tails shouted over the roar of an engine, making him look up to the sky. A shadow flew above them, and slowly started to come down in the open area. 
"Nope, something way better." Sonic snickered.
Tails squinted his eyes on the figure, the closer it got, the more he could see his present. Then once the figure landed on the ground, Tails' mouth dropped open. "How..." he began.
Sonic laughed, "I knew you'd love it. I'm just surprised the pilot didn't crash land." he muttered.  
"How did you find this?!" Tails asked, rubbing his hands on his new plane, "I mean... It's the new remodeled-" 
"Cyclone 3000 plane." The blue hedgehog finished for him. "And to answer your question, I never reveal my secrets" he finished with a smirk.
"Thank you so much!" Tails said, hugging his hero, "This is best thing anyone has ever given me, but you're friendship is enough already." he said. 
"No prob little bro, I'm just glad to see you happy." Sonic said, flashing his smile. 
"But what?" 
"But this'll never top it for what you're about to get." The yellow vulpine said grinning. 
Sonic smirked, "Shoot then." 
Tails nodded his head and walked over the tree to get the present wrapped in blue with a purple bow on top. "This will be the happiest moment of your life, Sonic. I guarantee it." he said with a big grin on face that stretched from ear to ear. 
Sonic cocked an eyebrow at him seeing he wide smile, 'I've never seen him so... Happy yet kinda creepy' he thought as he lifted the present from his hands and ripped the paper, then opening the small box. Sonic gave it a weird look. "Umm..." he said, "it's a remote... Or button." he said lifting the black palm size device with a red button in the middle that had had the words, "Merry X-Mas, Sonic!" 
Tails giggled, "What are you suppose to do when you see a remote with a button?" 
"Push it?" 
"Just push the button!" Amy shouted. 
"Ok, fine." Sonic mumbled, pushing the button.
Nothing happened. Silence. 
Sonic looked at Tails and the gang, Ccan someone tell me what was suppose to happen." he asked, then out of nowhere, another gust wind spewed in. 
Only this time, no one took cover, except for Amy; she still had to push her dress down. The guys smiled, except for Shadow, who had his emotionless expression, while the 2 girls giggled. 
"What's happening?" Sonic yelled over the winds. 
The gang looked up to the sky, their faces suddenly glowing, as if the sun had risen up from deep beneath the earth. Sonic followed their gaze and gasped. Right there, where he was standing, was a portal, increasing in size. Colors flashed randomly, red, white, purple, blue, yellow, orange; it looked like a rainbow in a whirlpool. 
Sonic turned around to face Tails, "My present is portal?!"
The young vulpine laughed, "Why would I give you a portal?" 
"Then... What do you call this?" 
"This is only way of getting your present, Sonic." he chuckled. 
"I have to jump in?" He asked taking his position. 
"No!" the group yelled. 
"Then what?" He shouted, turning around from the portal.
Then the winds stopped. Everything has gone quite. 
"... Well at least the winds died down." Sonic pointed out. 
Cream suddenly squealed and jumped in her place which made the blue hedgehog look at her. "What?" he asked. 
"Hello, Sonic." a soft, soothing feminine voice called out from behind him. 
The young hero's eye widen, no emotion could be told in his face, for he knew who's beautiful voice this was. He slowly turned around to find his princess friend from another dimension. "Blaze?" he gasped. 
"Merry Christmas, Sonic!" Tails shouted in his ear.
End of Chapter 1.
So I know I posted this 3 days late, but what can I say? It was Christmas eve and I was BUSY! I could've posted it yesterday and I'm not gonna lie, I was lazy. :icontiredplz:
So sorry if I made this a little long, I tired so hard not to rush things, but I stayed up until 2 in the morning writing this. /.\ 
So other than that, hope you liked it! And I'll post Chapter 2 later on today or tomorrow. Thanks! 
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